martes, 23 de noviembre de 2010

Descargar Squeeze

Y me preguntan y preguntan donde descargar Squeeze, aca les dejo todas las opciones

Esta versión aun es una Tester, no obstante deben saber que:

Improvements in this release of the installer

  • Auto-selection of kernel for PlayStation 3.
  • Recovery partitions for Microsoft Windows are properly detected.
  • Linux kernel updated to 2.6.32.
  • GNU Parted updated to 2.2.
  • Support for new platforms has been added:
    • Marvell GuruPlug;
    • Marvell OpenRD-Ultimate;
    • HP t5325 Thin Client (partial support).
  • Support for isohybrid images when using cdrom-detect/try-usb.
  • Installer now look for firmware .debs on the installation media, in a firmware/ directory, allowing PXE images and CDs to be created with firmware .debs included.
  • Hardware specific Debian packages are installed automatically using discover-pkginstall from the discover package.
  • Localization:
    • added Kannada, Persian and Telugu languages (Asturian and Kazakh were added in alpha1, and Estonian was reactivated in alpha1);
    • added Thai in the console-based installer;
    • drop support for Wolof and Welsh, because of the lack of updates for these languages since the release of lenny;
    • the final count of supported languages for this release is 67 (including English). 

    Saludos amigos y bienvenidos al universo debianita!!!

    net ;)

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