martes, 23 de noviembre de 2010

Descargar Squeeze

Y me preguntan y preguntan donde descargar Squeeze, aca les dejo todas las opciones

Esta versión aun es una Tester, no obstante deben saber que:

Improvements in this release of the installer

  • Auto-selection of kernel for PlayStation 3.
  • Recovery partitions for Microsoft Windows are properly detected.
  • Linux kernel updated to 2.6.32.
  • GNU Parted updated to 2.2.
  • Support for new platforms has been added:
    • Marvell GuruPlug;
    • Marvell OpenRD-Ultimate;
    • HP t5325 Thin Client (partial support).
  • Support for isohybrid images when using cdrom-detect/try-usb.
  • Installer now look for firmware .debs on the installation media, in a firmware/ directory, allowing PXE images and CDs to be created with firmware .debs included.
  • Hardware specific Debian packages are installed automatically using discover-pkginstall from the discover package.
  • Localization:
    • added Kannada, Persian and Telugu languages (Asturian and Kazakh were added in alpha1, and Estonian was reactivated in alpha1);
    • added Thai in the console-based installer;
    • drop support for Wolof and Welsh, because of the lack of updates for these languages since the release of lenny;
    • the final count of supported languages for this release is 67 (including English). 

    Saludos amigos y bienvenidos al universo debianita!!!

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viernes, 5 de noviembre de 2010

Mozilla Ayuda a Gnome

Mozilla Contributes to GNOME Accessibility Work

October 28th, 2010 · Mozilla News

Editor’s Note: Today, the GNOME Foundation announced an additional $10,000 grant from Mozilla to support their important accessibility work. See the GNOME Foundation press release for full details. Included below is an excerpt from the release:

Mozilla is helping to fund improvements in the Orca screen reader. The Mozilla Project has helped to identify performance problems when Orca interacts with Gecko-based applications and other desktop applications. The funds will be used to perform a review of Orca performance bottlenecks and help fix problems that are identified. Orca is an extremely important tool for users of GNOME with reduced vision.

“The web is an integral part of everyday life and it’s important for it to be accessible to everyone.” says David Bolter of Mozilla. “I am thrilled we are again contributing funds to the GNOME Foundation for critical efforts, including Orca, and events like the accessibility hackfest at CSUN.”

Aplausos para Mozilla que apoya a Gnome, luego de una año complejo para nuestro entorno predilecto y gracias a Melissa Shapiro que posteo la data en este link


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